(VIDEO) President Trump UNLOADS On Atty Gloria Allred Before Live Audience

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Friday Night President Donald Trump went old school campaign-style and took the stage tonight in Pensacola, FL to speak to supporters in a mega-rally.


All the Trumpsters were going crazy. It was no coincidence that the event, held at the Pensacola Bay Center, was just 16 miles from the Alabama state line.

Once again again, the president outsmarted the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media).  If he had scheduled the event in Alabama the CLM would have had a field day, saying he was going there just to campaign for Republican senate candidate Judge Roy Moore, which he actually was.  Wink wink.


The Alabama Senate election takes place on Tuesday and Trump told the huge crowd to to “get out and vote for Roy Moore….Go, go, go.”


Last week it was revealed that one of Gloria Allred’s clients, a Roy Moore accuser who surfaced after 40 years of supposed silence, actually forged part of the “yearbook evidence” that the Moore camp has been asking her to release for validation.


President Trump was quick point the truth about Gloria Allred. Enjoy!

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