(VIDEO) WOW!! Take a Deep Breath… 2 Seconds after this Snapshot, Trump did the UNTHINKABLE!

Twitter screenshot

President Donald J. Trump loves America and he loves all Americans.  He is a true patriot. Unlike his predecessor, he does not apologize for America and is not ashamed to show his love for America.   (VIDEO BELOW)

Watch as President Trump proudly belts out our National Anthem at the top of his lungs. Barack Hussein Obama would not even put his hand over his heart during the National Anthem.  (VIDEO BELOW)

Here is the video.  Watch and compare to the Apologizer-in Chief in the second clip.(VIDEO BELOW)

During a rendition of the National Anthem, when a flag is displayed, all present, except those in uniform, should stand at attention, facing the flag with their right hand over their heart.  

But not Barack Hussein Obama.  He’s special!  🙂

source: snopes.com screenshot

Even the ultra liberal “fact checking” site Snopes confirms this one.  Thank goodness Obama is out and President Trump is in.

** Are you fed up with all the “entitled” liberals and lying Democrats attacking the President of the United States while think they, themselves, are above the law?

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