(VIDEO)Newt Gingrich and Judge Jeanine DESTROY Barack Obama! BAM!! This Will Leave You Cheering and Laughing at the same time!


On Saturday night’s opening of Justice with Judge Jeanine, the Judge’s classic “Opening Statement” blasted Michelle Obama for “classy” statements she made, during an interview with Oprah.  It was incredible  (See the Judge Blast Michelle Obama Here)

In the second segment former Speaker of the House, Newt Gingrich, discusses the excuses that Barack Obama and the Clinton campaign are coming up with to blame for their historic loss.  Gingrich points out what  a hypocritical joke Obama has made of himself with his statements an handling of the “Russian hacking” situation.  (VIDEO BELOW)

Gingrich also lights into John Podesta, Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager, for using this alleged Russian hacking as an excuse after spending over $1 billion on a failed campaign.  He points out the irony that the main e-mails in question were, in fact, Podesta’s and he has never denied their authenticity.  (VIDEO BELOW)

“He had the President of the United States on his side.  He had the  elite news media on his side and his candidate lost.  Now he could either say “you know I failed” or he could say “the Russians did it” and I think he’s decided he  has a better future claiming the Russians did it.  It’s absurd.”  Newt Gingrich  


Newt Gingrich and Judge Jeanine  discuss the absurdity of Obama’s handling of this situation and really make him into the weal, laughing stock that he is.  Watch this….


Newt on Obama:

“Well let me say two things about Barack Obama.  One, of course, it that he’s weak. He’s weak.  He’s been weak for eight  years. And a lot of what drives us crazy about Putin is in reaction to the weakness of John Kerry and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. It will change dramatically I think when you get to the brand new team of Donald J. Trump, Rex Tillerson and Jim Mattis.  I think at that you’re going to see a very different relationship with Putin almost instantly.

Imagine you are confident all year long that your legacy was going to be intact. imagine you are confident all day on election day you’re going to make sure liberal one so the Supreme Court would go to the left. Sometime around eight or nine or ten o’clock election night Barack Obama began to see his legacy shrink and shrink and shrink like one of those clown dolls as the air goes out and all of a sudden he’s faced with the reality his legacy of mostly seventy eighty percent of it going to be repealed sometime either on election on the inaugural day with executive orders by Trump ordering the  following 60-90 days. I suspect you got a guy there who is in turmoil.”

The sleeping giant has awoke, and America is seeing REAL HOPE for our country- for once in eight years, with Donald Trump taking the lead! It’s time for change, and to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!

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