Watch This!! (VIDEO) EPIC SMACK DOWN!! Lou Dobbs HUMILIATES the “Three Amigos” on Tillerson Hearings


If you have never watched Lou Dobbs on FOX Business or have not become a big Dobbs fan, you will after you watch this short clip. No one in the TV news business has been so “spot on” with his commentary during this election cycle. He has been a big Donald Trump supporter and protagonist since the beginning.  (VIDEO BELOW)

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“The Three Amigos (John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Marco Rubio) may be in real trouble for those attacks on Tillerson…. And the Head Clown (Chuck Schumer) did no better, making themselves all look small indeed.” Lou Dobbs


Lou Dobbs transcript (FOX Business):

A few thoughts now on the Democrat’s Head Clown, and the three Republican Amigos moving together as obstructionist lock step. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, today taking aim yet again, at President-elect Trump, and Secretary of State nominee Rex Tillerson, for not committing to mandatory sanctions against Russia.

Yet, it was Senator Schumer who last week said Democrats wouldn’t work with Trump; only if he moved in their direction, and abandoned Republicans altogether. That was the reasonable Chuck Schumer. Those mandatory sanctions, by the way, that Schumer is calling for, are being pushed by none other than Lindsey Graham and John McCain as well, founding members of the Three Amigos who are intent on working against the President-elect.

It seems McCain and Graham had been looking for a third for their group ever since Kelly Ayotte lost her reelection bid. Their new amigo is Senator Marco Rubio. Apparently, Rubio last month said he had serious concerns about Tillerson. Tillerson’s concerns echoed, of course, by McCain and Graham earlier this week. But today, Rubio was downright aggressive at points, hostile at points, and his questioning of the nominee, and they were clashing over Putin and human rights, all the while Tillerson kept his cool. I believe the Three Amigos may be in real trouble for those attacks on Tillerson, who handled himself, I thought, very well in the face of their petty attacks. And, the head clown did no better, making themselves all look small indeed. If they mean their attacks to defeat his nomination, that would mean their spite has reached epic levels, and their political judgment has plummeted. He will be confirmed, and the country will be very very glad that he is.

Here’s the Head Clown and the Three Republican Amigos…


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