Watergate Reporter Leaks Names Of 21 GOP Senators Who Secretly Hate Trump


Famed investigative reporter Carl Bernstein just leaked the names of the 21 GOP Senators who he claims secretly hate President Trump.

He said, “I’m not violating any pledge of journalistic confidentially in reporting this: 21 Republican Sens–in convos w/ colleagues, staff members, lobbyists, W. House aides–have repeatedly expressed extreme contempt for Trump & his fitness to be POTUS.”

Then Carl named names. He wrote, “The 21 GOP Senators who have privately expressed their disdain for Trump are:

“Portman, Alexander,

Sasse, Blunt, Collins,

Murkowski, Cornyn, Thune,

Romney, Braun, Young,

Tim Scott, Rick Scott, Rubio,

Grassley, Burr, Toomey,

McSally, Moran, Roberts, Shelby.”

He added,

“With few exceptions, their craven public silence has helped enable Trump’s most grievous conduct—including undermining and discrediting the US the electoral system.”


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