WHAM!! Watch This! Kellyanne Conway puts SMACKDOWN (VIDEO) on Liberal Feminists who question her MOTHERHOOD!


Last week Kellyanne Conway, the first female campaign manager to win a US presidential campaign, announced that she may not take a position in the White House at this time, because she has 4 kids under 12, and she may want to spend more time with them. (VIDEO BELOW)

Watch as she SLAMS the angry feminists attacking her on Twitter for wanting to stay home with her kids. Conway told Stewart Varney most of these women have no kids and only cats. LOL Check this out:



If you liked this, you’ll love this one.  POW!! Check it out!! This CNN woman is downright rude and Kellyanne almost makes her cry…..

Trump Manager Destroys CNN Anchor (VIDEO). Almost Makes Crooked Media Cry

Varney:  Now, let’s bring in Kellyanne Conway. But, let me say this up properly. She is the first lady in history to run a successful presidential campaign, and now Kellyanne Conway is getting attacked by feminists. Why? Because she wants to spend time with her family. And Kellyanne is with us now joining us from Trump Tower. You are a star and we thank you very much for being on the show today Kellyanne. Welcome.

Kellanne:  It’s my pleasure Stuart. Thank you for having me.

Varney:  Let me see if I’ve got this right. The feminists, you say, that you might not take a job, a top job in the administration, because you’ve got four young children under the age of 12 and you might want to spend more time with them.  So, the feminists are attacking you and saying you’re wrong? What kind of woman does this? Do you want to respond to that?

Kellyanne:  Sure, I can respond to them. I thought that women were products of their choices and that’s what I’m trying to do here, quietly and privately; find the best balance for my family. And, Stuart maybe I will go into the administration, because I know Donald Trump and my husband are very supportive of that choice as well. The President-elect and Vice-President-elect are creating a very family-friendly environment in the White House in this administration. Donald Trump himself, has never been anything but gracious, and gentlemen leading me and respectful the fact that I am a mom of young children. He actually thinks it’s pretty cool. He obviously has a fabulous relationship with his five children, and his five grandchildren, and their spouses, so the issue is just a very personal one. But, you know, I can’t help but think that people are really judging my politics and not my motherhood. And no, I would just note to you that some people have attacked me are moms, but a lot of the them who attacked me are either childless interns born in the nineteen nineties, or the aughts. Or, I noticed women who have cats as their twitter pictures, so I’m not going to really just lose my mind over people attacking me in a hundred and forty characters I can assure you of that.

Varney: Kellyanne, I never want to cross you because I would be shredded and that would not be enjoyable.


The liberal media only pushes their agenda . It’s up to Trumpsters on social media to get our views out. Thank you!!

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