What Joy Behar Just Said About Trump Will Go Down In History As Day Hollywood Lost America

Source: ABC Screenshot

Joy Behar continues her downward career spiral. Just when it seems she will hit rock bottom, she does the impossible and goes lower.

Like she just did with President Trump. The two used to be friends and now they are blood enemies, or at least Joy is, I doubt Trump pays her any mind.

But if he does he is not happy with what she just called him.

“It seems as though the rhetoric is getting worse, to me,” Behar said. “We have Ann Coulter — nobody takes her seriously any way — she says they are actors. We have Laura Ingraham saying this is summer camp. We have Corey Lewandowski (saying) ‘womp-womp’ on a Down syndrome child.”

“Now, the word ‘infest,’ I think, is a buzzword,” Behar said alluding to one of Trump’s tweets. “The Nazis used it against the Jews, they said vermin. In the Vietnam War, they were calling the North Vietnamese the gooks. This is a way to dehumanize human beings.”

“Once you start calling people names about that they’re insects, vermin, that they’re lower than humans — then the murders can begin…I’m not saying that’s happening, I’m not saying that’s happening. I’m looking at history. I want people to notice the rhetoric.”

Nonsense like this is the exact reason most of America wants Hollywood to stay clear of politics.


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