CLASSIC Tweetstorm! Patriot James Woods PILE DRIVES Crooked H, Calling her Old Drunken Hag


No one in liberal Hollywood has more common sense and bigger b*lls, than actor James Woods.  Over the last two years, Woods has become a conservative hero on Twitter.

Woods has been calling the liberals out for their corrupt BS, time and time, again, and he’s not afraid to tweet about it.  And, tweet he does.

This week Woods got fed up with Hillary and her 272 excuses for why she lost the 2016 election, and the CLM (Crooked Liberal Media) lying about President Trump. He sledgehammers Crooked H. with this one.   (see Tweet below)

We put your old, drunken hag back on the sidewalk where she belongs instead of in the White House where in fact President Trump is at this very moment.

Here are a few more good ones…

Whoa Nelly! James Woods Just RIPPED Michelle’s Wig Off in the Tweet of the Week.


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